What Are Catfish Dragging Rigs?

What are catfish dragging rigs??

The catfish dragging rig is designed to help you fish for catfish by dragging your bait near the bottom.  This is important when you are catfishing and there is no current moving around you.  You want to drag the bait in front of as many fish as possible. Also dragging rigs are very important if you are doing any kayak fishing. Since most kayak fishing is done without anchoring, the rigs must be able to drag across the bottom without getting snagged on any obstacles.   


Traditional weights/sinkers come in various shapes and sizes like the egg sinker, pyramid sinker, bank sinkers, and dipsey sinkers.  These traditional sinkers work great if you are sitting in one place, but they tend to get tangled up on trees and rocks along the bottom if you use them while dragging.  The dragging weight is designed to be long and flexible making it less likely to get snagged along the bottom.  When you need to setup a dragging rig it is best to use a dragging weight.  The dragging weight is less likely to snag on any obstacles and looks more natural to the fish as it is moving through the water.


A dragging rig is designed to drag across the bottom, but your hook and bait will be off the bottom because you add a peg float or a rattling line float to keep your hook off the bottom. Dragging weights come in various weights from 2 ounce to 4 ounces.  Depending on what size float or rattling line float you use will determine what weight dragging weight you will use.  If you are using a very big peg float you will need a heavier dragging weight to keep your bait near the bottom and not floating to high in the water.