should i start dragging for catfish

Should I start dragging for catfish?

Catfish are a popular game fish known for their strength and fighting ability. One technique that can be effective for catching catfish is “dragging sinkers,” which involves using a heavy weight to drag the bait along the bottom of a body of water. This technique can be particularly effective in areas where catfish are feeding on the bottom, such as along drop-offs or in channels.

To use this technique, you will need a rod and reel with a strong line and a suitable weight. The weight should be heavy enough to hold the bait in place, but not so heavy that it is difficult to move through the water. A sinker with a “keel” or “wing” design can be especially effective, as it will help keep the bait in place and prevent it from snagging on underwater obstacles.

Once you have your tackle set up, you can begin dragging the sinker along the bottom of the water. You can do this by slowly reeling in the line, or by slowly moving the rod back and forth. It is important to pay attention to the feel of the line, as you may be able to feel when a catfish takes the bait. When you feel a tug on the line, you can then set the hook and begin reeling in the fish.

Dragging sinkers can be an effective way to catch catfish, especially in areas where the fish are feeding on the bottom. With the right tackle and technique, you can enjoy a successful and rewarding day of catfishing.